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Co-Founder and Chairman

William A. Demmer  is the CO-Founder and Chairman of River Caddis Development. Mr. Demmer is also the CEO of Demmer Corporation, a manufacturer of large military and construction equipment components, as well as President and CEO of Demmer Properties, Airport Realty, Demmer Investments and Palmer Engineering. Demmer Corporation serves the defense industry by fabrication hull and capsule systems in both steel and aluminum armor plates, and builds major components for military vehicles and performs automotive integration on large military vehicles. Demmer Corporation also designs and builds large carbon fiber fixtures for the aerospace industry, and builds stamped assemblies for the automobile industry. Tooling systems and computer integrated machining are also service offerings. Demmer Corporation currently employs over 800 people in the Lansing, Michigan area, and an additional 560 employees in Demmer Investments located in various states.


Mr. Demmer is an Engineering Graduate of Michigan State University, receiving its Claude R. Erickson Distinguished Alumni Award in 2011. The Michigan State University College of Agriculture and Natural Resources awarded Mr. Demmer an Honorary Degree in 2009. The Michigan Manufacturers Association presented Mr. Demmer the John G. Thodis Large Tier Manufacturer of the Year Award in 2010. Effective January 1, 2013, Mr. Demmer was elected President of the Boone and Crockett Club, the largest Wildlife Conservation organization in the world, organized by Theodore Roosevelt in 1923. Mr. Demmer has history in real estate: renovating manufacturing space, redevelopment of Brownfield space, and build-to-suit for tenant manufacturing space.

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