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Midland Michigan

Chosen by community stakeholders, River Caddis Development and the Gillespie Group collaborated to create a dynamic "live/work/play" space in downtown Midland, Michigan. Operating through Midland Downtown Partners, LLC, they designed the multi-phase redevelopment project, named "East End," featuring 224,000 square feet of mixed-use space. The ground floor houses office, medical, and retail spaces (restaurants, medical clinic, retail banking), while the upper three floors consist of professional offices.

East End transforms the previously underutilized north area, connecting it to downtown and infusing vibrancy. This vitality is achieved through walkability, flexible retail spaces, convenient parking, pedestrian circulation aligned with the Great Lake Loons Stadium, a blend of commercial and non-commercial activities, casual social interaction zones, and future residential units in subsequent phases. The project creates a distinct "Sense of Place" and enhances the overall community experience.

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