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Owners Representative

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The RCD internal team is comprised of specialists in legal, finance, and business management; but more importantly, the team boasts a diverse background in project experience.  As an Owner’s Representative, RCD offers access to its in-house construction team who works alongside RCD’s development team and oversees pre-project development and project construction.  RCD’s team has over 25 years of experience in land development across the United States, including due diligence, owners’ representation, civil site design, surveying, geotechnical and environmental investigations.  As Owner’s Representative, RCD provides its development expertise and critical construction management oversight through delivery and project close-out, with an eye toward creating efficiencies and problem solving.  RCD’s services go beyond construction management, which primarily involves the construction phase and a dual role as general contractor. As Owner’s Representative, RCD ensures that the owner’s goals for the project are put first and foremost.


Project Conception/Initiation

The earlier the owners representative is brought on the better it is for the project.  In this stage, the foundation of the project is designed and direction is implemented.  It all starts with an idea, location and capital. (the what, where, and how).  After the idea or need is agreed upon, the client needs to understand the profile they are willing to take, and what hurdles will be directly in front of them if the project is to continue.  Once comfortable with the potential variables and idea, it is time to put the team together.     



The best time to hire an owner’s representative is before the design phase even begins. Acting as the owner’s advocate during the planning and design stages of the process, they can oversee and review designs to ensure the owner’s needs are being met. They can also ensure that applicable codes and regulations are being followed and considered from the very beginning of a project.



An owner’s representative is also involved throughout the entire construction phase of the project. They may even manage contractor procurement and pre-qualification. They closely observe construction through all stages to make sure everything is being completed on time and according to the designs.  This means they are frequently onsite and in constant communication with all project stakeholders, such as the construction manager, contractors and commissioning agents. They can also perform construction risk assessments to proactively identify potential problems before they arise.



This covers the completion of the construction; including all punch list items and preparation for finalization of contractual items.  Once construction is complete, the owner’s representative can oversee the building occupancy process. This includes managing and coordinating tenants moving into the facility and the installation of furniture, fixtures and equipment (FF&E).



Confirmation the project is closed out properly. They verify that all contractual obligations have been met, and create a punch list: a summary of all tasks that were not completed during the project.



Private Development

  1. Multi-family

  2. Hospitality/Entertainment

  3. Office

  4. Retail

  5. Student Housing

  6. Industrial


Master Development

  1. Multi-Site Development

  2. Entertainment District Creation



  1. Municipal

  2. University

  3. School System

  4. Hospital

  5. Infrastructure

  6. Energy

What is an Owners Representative? 

An Owner’s Representative is the person or company who represents the owner of a building or facility project. An Owner’s Representative can help companies and organizations that don’t have this capability or enhance a company’s current in-house team.

Owners Representative Key Roles include

  • Budget and schedule management.

  • Stakeholder management.

  • Establish the project communication plan.

  • Risk management and mitigation.

  • Quality management and contract enforcement.

  • Managing requests for proposals and bids.

  • Selection and procurement of project team members.



Benefits of Owners Representatives

  • Management of Stress and Risk (financial, operational and construction;

  • Experience in specialized field

  • Handling of Complex/Controversial issue that always arise

  • On Time & On Budget

  • Allows client to focus on core mission

  • Facilitation of communication and dispute resolution

  • Selection and Procurement of the "Right" team

  • Peace of Mind

Why River Caddis?

Collaborative Solutions, Transparently.

River Caddis understands the success of any project is dependent on the management of the project budget, schedule, quality, communication, and the mitigation of Risk. To help mitigate risk and deliver a successful project outcome, the River Caddis team utilizes its vast national experience to guide their clients through a complex and difficult process.

Engaging the services of River Caddis as owner’s representative is the safest way to appropriately manage and mitigate the inherent risks involved in the project development process. Working together with the Owner, the owner representative acts as its advocate, representing its interests with the sole purpose of executing its goals and objectives, providing accountability among team members and ensuring the project stays on track, by adhering to the project schedule, budget and quality goals and objectives.

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